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Johnny Sundin

international, inspirational keynote speaker

Johnny Sundin grew up in one of the most intense and entrepreneurial corners of Europe – Sweden! The exciting land of vikings in the north - where the Nobel Prize were founded and with companies and brands like Volvo, Spotify, IKEA, Minecraft, Ericssom, TetraPak,H&M and ABBA. In this environment – and with a background as a consultant in event, media and communication - Johnny have developed, hosted and participated in a lot of company-events, TV-shows, seminars and conferences. Today Johnny Sundin is one of Sweden´s best inspirational Keynote Speakers.​

During the years he has given a lot of audiences insights exciting facts, and inspiration about how to expand their thinking into new dimensions. And how to be more creative. His stage profile is very energizing and a unique combination of music, storytelling, pictures and metaphors – and with a really great portion of personal humor! A speech by Johnny Sundin is a performance to remember - in both heart and brain.

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