Nanotechnology offers revolutionary improvements in our health!

Never have we peered so far into space than we do now, while at the same time our journey into our existential micro–world is ever deepening. The world of the nanosphere has been discovered and like an evolutionary Pandora’s box is already showing us today the extraordinary possibilities within biotechnology, IT and transportation. There are almost certainly exciting new opportunities around the molecular corner. Nanotechnology – also known as atomic craft – is molecular desi

Lovely green cities of the future – with high walkability!

For decades now, we have been leaving the sparsely populated provinces and sweeping into the urban hubs, making this an undisputable trend. The proliferation of possibilities in big cities attract like a gigantic lifestyle magnet - and by 2030 an additional billion people (added to the 4 billion city dwellers of today) will have been swept up by urbanisation’s tsunami. Urban communities, intense conurbation, mega-cities – the utopia of total proximity with untold possibilitie

Hyperloop – environmentally friendly travel on Planet Future!

What will it feel like to be seated in a hermetically sealed capsule and whizz away at supersonic speed in a pipeline over land and under the sea? Will it feel claustrophobic or total euphoria at high velocity when the new transport network Hyperloop becomes a reality in our lives in a few years from now, and humans will be vacuum sealed and dispatched in tubes? Novel technical developments and new innovations seem more distant than the feelings, attitudes and behaviour we ha