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Keynote speech - Planet Future

innovation trends and innovative ideas

Neither crystal balls nor time machines allow us to see into the future or can transport us to tomorrow’s exciting world and we don’t really know what to expect there either. But we can be curious and open minded, searching for clues among emerging patterns and growing trends, envisioning a plausible scenario.


What global habits and local initiatives will we be embracing in the future when apps dictate our lives, cars drive themselves and insects are part of our staple diet? How can creativity and adaptive thinking correlate with the desire for a sustainable planet amongst all the innovations, vacuum trains and digitalisation’s profusion of business models.  


Planet Future – is an inspiring talk where the speaker and trend-spotter, Johnny Sundin of "Tankefabriken" takes us on a thought provoking journey to life in the future. He shares with us an eagle-eyed and deductive survey of the exciting frontier between the present and the future, between analogue and virtual realities, nano technologies and cosmic perspectives.


Johnny Sundin –  is renowned for his entertaining and interactive lectures, here he takes us on a journey of discovery in his personal and unique style of presentation. It is a truly entertaining mix of visual rhetoric, knowledge, analysis and incisive humour.

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