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Business as unusual - and how to survive properly!

When we almost feel “getting-out-of-control” in a warp speed disruptive world – we need new strategies. Not new technical platform-strategies. There are billions of them already. No - even more important is our MENTAL strategies. That helps us to RELATE to all the glimmering wonders of innovations that we like to integrate in our daily lives. And incorporate so it makes us feel confident, secure and optimistic about the future.

Whatever you believe in – you probably realize that the brain is a very, very old mechanism. A complex biological invention – designed bit-by-bit to optimize our possibilities to survive. What we have on the top of the spine and carrying around everywhere we go, is the result of survival strategies for thousands and thousands of generations.

The only problem is that the R&D - and the design lab of mother nature - didn´t change very much during the years. To be honest – very little. There was animals to hunt, fruits to eat, fish to catch, weather to hide from in different locations... But basically: business as usual. So the brain could concentrate to reward a population that better and better could tame the nature, organize societies and harvest the resources and wealth of the earth.

In a glimpse of an evolutionary moment things are now reversed. Bam! Exponentially.

The environments on all levels around us is changing faster than we can adapt to the new patterns. Both the alarming situation for the climate and our planets survival, but also all other circumstances around. How we live, eat, love, work, learn, organize and create sustainable companies and human beings. It almost feels like the life these days are like a crazy rodeo of hunting magical algorithms, were you have to grasp every new situation immediately – without any calculation before - and try to stay in the saddle for at least a year or maybe just a month or two.

When things changes fast in your surroundings – your thinking better be trained to do likewise. And down to the bottom line – finding new mind patterns to co-creating the new way of earth-life is about rewiring the biological connection points between the stars in the universe of neurons. To adapt change is to tickle new synapses. Were the electrochemical signals trigger a leap over to the next bunch of neurons.

Creativity is maybe one of the most important skills we should put in focus to be able to adapt what´s coming now. Because what is creative thing all about? Breaking old mind patterns – and re-create a new and more useful pattern. Or different, expressive, mysterious, tactical… etc. Something new. As the radical disruptive world of possibilities.

By exercise the brain - with a playful way of looking at challenges - we can achieve more in shorter time. Which is totally necessary. So how do we change the whole worlds way of thinking with all the filter of traditions, religions, policies, guidelines and don´ts? Start with insights. Education and inspiration about the 100 billion neuron friend that we carry around. Accept that the brain needs kindness and love. Some patience and understanding. We can´t scream “you don´t understand change” in the ears of the ones that are slower adopters than yourself or the technical elite. We need some understanding – and be wise enough to get this question onboard all the agendas. Then create think tanks and idea labs in every corner of the society. Discuss. Share. Relate. Adapt.

Hey – before you can upload a digital clone and avatar of yourself, we have to deal with what we have inside our skulls! Then we can have a new discussion how to perform in a parallel 100% virtual and artificial society. But that´s a no-strategy for now.

If the world is going nuts like hell – pimp your own thinking to be more playful and open minded. Leave the world of linear thinking and let some Cirque du Soleil into your mind. Make your thoughts acrobatic again (as when you played as a little kid). Life isn´t a spreadsheet. And have never been. Life is filled with colors, shapes and surprises.

A lot of companies I´ve been meeting as a key note speaker during the years are on the right path – theoretically – but not practically. They very often write down “Creativity” as one of their core values. “Yes – we have written it – therefore we are…”


It´s time to let the fear out – and let the creativity in.

#everythingpossibleispossible (until the opposite is proven)

/ Johnny Sundin – keynote speaker and global re-thinker.

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