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Hyperloop – environmentally friendly travel on Planet Future!

What will it feel like to be seated in a hermetically sealed capsule and whizz away at supersonic speed in a pipeline over land and under the sea? Will it feel claustrophobic or total euphoria at high velocity when the new transport network Hyperloop becomes a reality in our lives in a few years from now, and humans will be vacuum sealed and dispatched in tubes?

Novel technical developments and new innovations seem more distant than the feelings, attitudes and behaviour we have about them. Soon enough we’ll be using these innovations and they’ll be integrated in the fabric of our daily lives. Once we have adapted to them, they will offer fantastic new oppertunities to meet people and move around the globe in an environmentally friendly way; as long the electricity we produce is carbon neutral of course.

Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla and a number of other financiers and entrepreneurs are trying their best to develop this old idea anew: how can one safely, efficiently and at minimum energy, travel fastest from point A to point B in a pipe or tube.

Last summer when I was at Almedalen on a moderating assignment a theoretical outline was introduced of how the Scandinavian part of this giant transport web would look like. Stockholm to Helsinki would take around 28 minutes, city centre to city centre! Quite a change from the slow moving diesel guzzling ferry. An added thrill on the return journey, one would arrive before one has even set out, as Finland is one hour ahead of Sweden.

Allow yourself to be carried away by progress – and Hyperloop! Next decade you might well consider having a morning meeting in Oslo, lunch with colleagues in Berlin and an after-work drink at the office in London and still manage to take the kids to football training in Barcelona the same evening.

#everythingispossible – see you on Planet Future!

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