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Lovely green cities of the future – with high walkability!

For decades now, we have been leaving the sparsely populated provinces and sweeping into the urban hubs, making this an undisputable trend. The proliferation of possibilities in big cities attract like a gigantic lifestyle magnet - and by 2030 an additional billion people (added to the 4 billion city dwellers of today) will have been swept up by urbanisation’s tsunami. Urban communities, intense conurbation, mega-cities – the utopia of total proximity with untold possibilities is burdened by high costs, environmental problems and is an overcrowded and stressfull life. How can we deal with shortages of space and create a sustainable lifestyle which benefits individuals while giving the planet a chance to manage the onslaught on its resources?

”Green cities” are a concept with a variety of implications and solutions. The combination of a green biosphere with smart technology and intelligent communication are the visionary elements shared by think-tanks and forecasters alike.

One way to succeed is to create microcosmos within a large area which have a ”Walkability” factor. Everything you need is a walking or cycling distance away. Cities where you are able to live, where ”local” being best still holds true, even within the big city context. Self-driven pod taxis which you order with a click on your App could be part of the smoothly running transport system on the Futureplanet. Shop showrooms with ”smart”ordering systems means your shopping arrives home before you do. Your goods are delivered by airborne drones, smart logistic channels or delivery robots under the street level. Couldn’t every city in the future have one enormous souterrain where fully automatic robotised transportation system fulfills all logistical needs energy efficiently? This would release space for living in the remote outlet areas that have eaten land on the fringes of city’s in recent years!

In order to maximise agricultural land use, we’ll see floating cities. There’ll be rooftop cultivations and whole houses which breathe and produce energy and look as good and great architecturally as their credentials are green. The trend today already means utilising the unused parts of cities to build bars, solar panels and grow vegetables. New vistas offer a greener perspective of what we can do.

It’s a green light on the planet of the future when #everythingispossible. If we want it.

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