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Nanotechnology offers revolutionary improvements in our health!

Never have we peered so far into space than we do now, while at the same time our journey into our existential micro–world is ever deepening. The world of the nanosphere has been discovered and like an evolutionary Pandora’s box is already showing us today the extraordinary possibilities within biotechnology, IT and transportation. There are almost certainly exciting new opportunities around the molecular corner.

Nanotechnology – also known as atomic craft – is molecular design measured in one part of a millionth of a millimeter. On our planet of the future – around 2030 according to some researchers, we will all have tiny mini robots of nano dimensions called nanobots navigating inside our blood stream. A whole new world is opening up in medicine as these nanobots are sent to deal with the infected areas of the body. Today we are still dosing our entire system with penicillin and other medication which leads to undesired antibiotic immunity, causing side effects as well as eradicating benign bacterial flora.

Scientists are trying to develop special DNA robots able to destroy cancer cells within the cellular sphere and with hyper-surgical precision instead of a conventional operation. Tiny Trojan nanobots make sure the attack is from within the walls rather than from outside with the comparatively blunt and brutal laser cutter.

Perhaps cancer will be a significantly less fateful diagnosis in the future. Imagine a constant patrol of a legion of health soldiers, part of an army of nanobots navigating your body and checking and guarding against intruders. A diagnosis of any kind might be a thing of the past.

There’s no doubt, this is a fascinating prospect when the miniature world of molecular

ministration will be seen as the future’s biggest achievement. But what happens if we lose control of the entire army? How can one gather and assemble a billion individuals which have ceased functioning or are suffering a digital virus midstream of the analogue blood flow? What kind of side effects are produced by defunct and wrecked nanobots?

The outlook is as astronomical as it is dizzying – whichever way you look at it. The hope is that we are moving towards the healthiest prospects we have encountered yet for a long time, in a world which has lost control of how we are meant to live.

#everythingispossible / Johnny Sundin

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