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The time for hybrids is here!

In the last few years the word HYBRID has sailed up to the top of the list from the archive of rarely used technical terms and has become something of a trendy buzzword. A word with an aura of Hi-Tech, new thinking and smart solutions!

This is how Wikipedia defines the word, ”a hybrid is the result of combining the qualities of two organisms of different breeds, varieties, species, or genera through sexual reproduction.”

Interesting isn’t it? There is simply something sexy and exciting creating something new by crossbreeding known patterns and ideas so that they meet on new platforms. Thought genesis of various phenomena and known innovation create new and profitable progeny! The time for hybrids is here!

It is well known that a rapidly developing side of the automobile industry has massively boosted the popularity of the word HYBRID in the last few years. But it’s not just due to this car’s smart fleet of vehicles – hybridisation is everywhere. It is virtually impossible to imagine we might discover a hitherto unknown element or perceive new foundational understandings, instead we look to reconfigure new combinations of our existing knowledge at a terrific pace. Gradually we create new technical tools and digital solutions to entertain us in our creative mindscape.


Who could have imagined just a few years ago of drinking one’s coffee in a bookshop, telephoning via a camera or growing salad on the stratospheric heights of urban rooftops.

New players have new hybridised business models with which to gaze out into the light of the future. Recently the public transport network MTR announced, not only did they wish to be responsible for transporting people living outside the city centres to and from work – but they also wanted to build houses and own the accomodation for people to live in. MTR wish to own whole parts of a city, a hybrid concept which has already been very successful in Hong Kong where close to a 100.000 people live in such a hybridised mileu. Pay your monthly travel fare and your rent in a combined fee. All things plausible are possible!

In the last few years the human biological clock has been doing Hi-Tech overtime with innovations such as printed cellular tissue, smart nutrition substitutes and soon remote controlled nano capsules, steered with surgical precision to defeat malign viruses and mutated cell divisions. Today, worn out knees and joints are replaced with titanium and beauty enhancing procedures occur at an assembly line frequency. Our bodies and our whole beings are already hybrids. Our work and private lives overlap and criss-crosses with each other on social media. We coalesce into our selves and the new era as One.

Trend predictions indicate that hybrid thinking will continue at a terrific pace, everywhere and on all levels.

When I was small there were just a handfull of different Lego pieces with many possible building combinations but a finite number of basic patterns. Playful pyramids and hybrid structures were built, destroyed and re-built, over and over again. Today’s Lego bricks, just as their real life modern brick counterparts have massively increased their number of pieces. Mathematical logic dictates, the greater variety of pieces, the higher the number of possible permutations while the difference between them actually decreases. Things will get denser and denser. Hybrids could literally end-up devouring themselves in the future and we would end up in a refined cluster and discover simplified recognition patterns to gravitate towards.

But that’s not important because the time of the hybrids is now! A time where possibilities are infinite, as long as we don’t fear cross-fertilisation.

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